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Pictured: Round Rock Donuts sit in waiting for customers.
(Photo by Dawn Poole)

Lobby Hours: M-F 4 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sat. 4 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sun. 4 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Drive-thru hours: Every day 4 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Address: 106 W. Liberty Ave., Round Rock, TX

Online: roundrockdonuts.com

Bakery rose from the ashes after fire, continues making Round Rock Donuts

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By Jennifer Wisian
Contributing writer

Whether it is a family tradition or because they heard about it from national television shows, customers from all around crowd the doors for a taste of the famed Round Rock Donuts made at Lone Star Bakery.

Since 1926, the popular yellow-colored doughnuts have sold by the dozens to people near and far, according to sales manager Polo Garcia.

“We’ve been pretty steady ever since the doors have opened,” Garcia said. “It’s amazing the amount of people that come through, especially on the weekends.”

As Garcia was being interviewed by a reporter on a Saturday morning around 11 a.m., a line of people stretched outside the doors, while those going through the drive-thru waited bumper-to-bumper down the block.

Round Rock Donuts have been featured in magazines such as Southern Living, bridal magazines and Bon Appetit. The round, yeast-risen delicacy has also been mentioned on television shows such as “Man vs. Food,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Texas Country Reporter.”

“The Glazed Donut is the most popular, and people are coming from all over the states and other continents to try our doughnuts,” Garcia said. “Some like to see the Texas-sized Donut, too. I get a lot of satisfaction seeing people’s faces as they are enjoying them.”

Garcia believes in making sure the doughnuts remain consistent and said he takes it upon himself to eat one a day.

“I have to make sure the product’s right,” he said with a smile. “We have a bunch of loyal customers that come every week, and it’s still the same old recipe.”

Garcia noted Jan Cohrs remains owner. Cohrs was owner back in 2000, when a fire destroyed Lone Star Bakery. However, within a month, they reopened inside two portable trailers in the bakery parking lot.

A few months later, owners proclaimed the store would reopen at the same location it had operated at for more than 70 years, but in a new, bigger building. Less than three months after the fire, it did, and with an outpouring of support.

Just two years later, Lone Star Bakery owners tried expansion, in an effort to make Round Rock Donuts more accessible to all in Central Texas. In October 2002, a second store opened in Pflugerville, with plans to open a third in Cedar Park the following year.

The Pflugerville location eventually closed, and the expansion idea faded. Today, the downtown Round Rock location remains a tourist attraction and the company’s lone location.

Members of Round Rock’s Martell family, frequent customers at the bakery, say they visit at least twice a month to get their doughnut fix, and more if the kids’ grandfather is in town.

“My co-worker even bought me a Texas-sized Donut for my birthday, and it was awesome,” Patricia Martell said.

“They should put a big doughnut on the water tower,” Martell’s middle son, 11-year-old Andrew, exclaimed as he pointed to the iconic tower visible from their table on the shop’s patio.

“They should have two locations,” eldest Martell son, 14-year-old Hunter, suggested.

Members of the Merriman family of northern Ohio were waiting patiently for their order to arrive.

“I heard about this from a TV show and had to check them out while I was here,” Cathy Merriman said. “I can’t wait. They look good!”



Lone Star Bakery, known for its Round Rock Donuts, has been operating in the same location in downtown Round Rock since 1926. (Photo by Dawn Poole)


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