99° F Monday, July 24, 2017

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the planners and participants of the 10th anniversary celebration of Hendrickson High School. The amazing Hawk Band, filling the expansive cafeteria with surround sound, set the tone for reflections of the past decade. Thanks to the leadership of principals Lori Einfalt, Nelson Colter, Freddie McFarland and Devin Padavil. Thanks to the passion and expertise of the charter faculty as well as the present. Thanks to the overwhelming support of parents, the business partners and all stakeholders who have made this sanctuary of learning come alive with opportunities for thousands of students.

It is notable to recognize the numerous tremendous accomplishments over the decade of so many students in extracurricular events who have proudly soared in competitions all the way to the state and national level. The students, sponsors and involved parents are PISD ambassadors carrying the banner of excellence throughout the sate. This is the time for a proud “thank you” to all the Hawks. Once a Hawk, always a Hawk!

Vernagene Mott


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