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Library Director Lisa Charbonnet (foreground, center) welcomes patrons to the newly reopened Pflugerville Public Library. The library closed temporarily April 15-19 as part of its expansion project, to allow a refurbished section to be restocked. (Courtesy City of Pflugerville)

Facility on track for scheduled June 8 re-opening event

By Marcial Guajardo
Managing Editor

The Pflugerville Public Library has reopened, after a five-day scheduled closure April 15-19.

The library has been in the midst of an expansion effort since Jan. 12, 2012 but now nears the end of it. Library Director Lisa Charbonnet noted some “tweaks” still need to be done but a scheduled June 8 grand re-opening event is still on track.

“We’re going to have a wonderful time that Saturday,” Charbonnet quipped about the event, expected to include presentations by local dignitaries, performances by Vietnamese dancers, a gaming tournament, live music by Joe McDermott and more.

The library expansion increases the building’s available space by more than double, from 12,500 square feet to 28,000 square feet. It includes the addition of a new wing, which opened in January.

The library closed temporarily from Jan. 13-18 as books and equipment were shifted from the older portion to the new wing. Renovations have since been underway on the older wing.

Last week’s closure was done so books and equipment could be disbursed among both segments, which will now be operational at the same time.

“We have accomplished something we’re very proud of,” Charbonnet noted of the shifts back and forth on the same site, with only 10 days of closures.

The expansion grows the library’s total meeting rooms from one to seven, which combined will seat up to 200 people. Movable partitions will allow for rooms to be combined into a larger meeting area.

The library now also houses a study area featuring Texana and local history, two living room areas and an outdoor courtyard.

New technology has been added, such as a new computer lab and a “tech bar” – an area where residents can use their own laptops, with Wi-Fi access.

Residents in 2008 approved $7 million in bonds for the expansion project, which shifted the library’s entrance to the property’s east side, giving it a new address of 1008 W. Pfluger St.

City spokesperson Terri Waggoner on April 19 noted the project has remained within the $7 million originally set aside for the expansion, despite some construction change orders.


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