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Proposed subdivision currently split between two water providers

By Kolbe Ricks
Contributing Writer

At the April 9 City Council meeting, the council approved a resolution to authorize a $250,000 payment that would decertify the certificate of convenience and necessity of the Manville Water Supply Corporation for the Sorento property. Water for the subdivision being developed would be provided by the City of Pflugerville.

Sorento will be located on Weiss Lane just north of East Pflugerville Parkway, said city spokesperson Terri Waggoner. It is anticipated to eventually consist of 944 single family lots with associated parks, landscaping, amenities and streets, on approximately 290 acres, with two multifamily and development reserve lots on approximately 68 acres.

A CCN is an area to which a utility company may provide services. Areas are not usually dually certified, Assistant City Manager Tom Word said.

“The unique thing about the Sorento property is the north part of the Sorento property was in the city of Pflugerville’s CCN and the southern part of the property was in Manville’s,” he said. “If we did not change CCN ownership, a house on one side of the street would be getting their water from Pflugerville and one on the other side from Manville. One of the big reasons is our water treatment plant is just a quarter-of-a-mile down the street. We have lots of water that we can serve that location.”

Gindin appointed to parks committee

After interviewing three applicants at the April 9 City Council meeting, Ronda Gindin was appointed as an alternate member of the Parks and Recreation Commission for an unexpired term that ends Dec. 31.

Although she hasn’t been appointed or elected to city government positions prior to this, Gindin has lived in Pflugerville since 1990 and continually been involved in community activities.

“I was actually on the Pflugerville Garden Club when it first started and now I’m spearheading it and getting it revitalized,” Gindin said. “I’m really involved in the city itself. I use the parks all the time. I’m a big advocate of the interlinking parks.”

As an alternate member, Gindin will vote when a regular member is absent from a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting. The commission primarily makes suggestions to the city on park improvements.

“It is an advisory board, so we can’t interfere. We can more or less suggest,” Gindin said. “[The commission can] help the city and spearheading with volunteers.”

Gindin believes her experience as a realtor in Round Rock and Pflugerville will be helpful when giving input to the commission.

“Because of my real estate background I know how much parks can really help neighborhoods,” she said. “When people gather together and show pride … that all brings up property values, and of course, everybody wants to have their property valued.”

Gindin noted excitement about her recent appointment to the commission and is looking forward to continuing to improve Pflugerville and its parks.

In May, the Parks and Recreation Commission will be looking to appoint another member, this time a local teenager who is interested in giving his or her input to the board, said Waggoner. The teen position is unique because the elected member will be a voting participant on that commission.


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