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The Travis County Medical Examiner and the Safe Kids Austin Coalition Safe Sleep Task Force are partnering with Reagan National Advertising to display billboard posters in Travis County that urge the public to provide safe sleeping environments for babies.

“During the past three years in Travis County, 38 babies have died in their sleep due to unsafe sleeping conditions,” Travis County Medical Examiner Dr. David Dolinak said in a written statement. “These deaths are preventable with just a few simple actions, and we hope these new billboards will help teach the ‘ABCs of Safe Sleep’ and prevent infant deaths.”

The three billboards remind parents and caregivers to make sure babies are sleeping alone, on their backs and in a safety approved crib:

  • Alone, not bed sharing with anyone or anything.
  • On his or her Back, not on his or her side or stomach.
  • In a safety approved Crib, with a tight fitting mattress covered with a fitted sheet and all bedding materials removed.


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